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The Union Square Association is a volunteer organization. By harnessing the time and talents of our residents from over fifty-two countries, we have been able to create and maintain a thriving neighborhood where we have established solid homes. We strive to be welcoming to everyone, we strongly believe that diversity leads to a robust, more engaged and supportive community.

Commitees & Events

Bloom Your Block in Union Square Park 

Over the years this neighborhood project has continued to bloom and beautify the neighborhood! Union Square Association, neighbors and businesses have donated hundreds of flowers and pots to distribute and display throughout our neighborhood and we will continue to build on and continue the tradition. The association also offers free mulch for residents to maintain their tree wells. The day of the competition a celebration in the park is sponsored by Union Square Association along with donations from generous neighbors like yourself. 


The Greening Committee

We are looking for volunteers to help with the park beds. If you are interested in adopting a bed, please email Cleaning and maintenance of the flower beds have always been up to Union Square residents. We really need help getting the beds into shape this Spring and then maintaining them during the summer. We are in need of people/families to help take care of the flower beds by adopting a flower bed in the park. We are asking that you commit to at least 1-2 hours per week (at least for the next few weeks) and then 1-2 hours per every other week on maintaining the flower bed during the summer. All that is required is that you rake, bag and clean-up your bed. If you don’t have materials, we can supply them to you. 

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