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Monthly Meetings

Our Monthly Associaion meetings are held on the first Monday of the month. We have included a schedule below. Everyone is welcome to join!

Join a Zoom Meeting

We still plan to hold meetings over Zoom in 2024. We will seek community input on whether to switch to in-person meetings later in the year.

2024 Community Meetings

Community meetings are usually held on the first Monday of the month and can be joined by Zoom on the following dates:

August 26, 2024 (Due to Labor Day), October 7, 2024, November 4, 2024, December 2, 2024

2024 Board Meetings

Board meetings are (usually) the last Monday of the month and can be joined by Zoom on the following dates:

Board Elections - January 2025 


As an essential part of our community, your active participation is crucial in shaping the future of our neighborhood. 

All Board Positions Are Available!

This is your chance to make a meaningful impact by contributing your skills and ideas. Whether you're passionate about community development, historic preservation, or ensuring financial transparency, there's a position for everyone.

Here's a quick overview of the key responsibilities for each role:


  • Preside over meetings

  • Submit an annual report

  • Appoint and manage Association staff

  • Sign contracts and agreements

  • Enforce bylaws

Vice President:

  • Assume the President's duties in their absence

Recording Secretary:

  • Keep meeting minutes

  • Manage records and the seal

  • Maintain the member ledger

  • Handle Association notices

Corresponding Secretary:

  • Handle communications directed by the President

  • Manage correspondence as instructed


  • Manage Association funds and securities

  • Deposit funds in designated financial institutions

  • Sign and endorse financial documents

  • Keep financial records

  • Present financial statements regularly

Director of Historic Preservation:

  • Liaison for historic preservation matters

  • Direct architectural guidelines

  • Advocate for historic preservation in Board decisions


Additional Requirements for Voting Eligibility:
To be eligible to vote during the board meeting, residents must have:

  1. Attended one meeting between February 2024 and December 2024.

  2. Paid their five-dollar dues. Venmo @unionsquarebaltimore or PayPal using the email address treasurer@unionsquareassociation


Nominations: Remember, diversity in leadership leads to a stronger, more vibrant community. Let's ensure all voices are heard!

  1. Self-nomination: Feel passionate about a specific role. You can nominate yourself and share your vision for the community.

  2. Nominate Others: Recognize a neighbor with great leadership skills. Nominate them for a position, and let's harness the collective strength of our community. Make sure they also have a vision to share with the community. 


Your participation matters, and we would like to encourage you to take this opportunity to get involved in shaping the future of our community.

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